Features – September 2017

Congratulations to two award-winning DUNE collaborators

Congratulations to two DUNE collaborators on receiving early career awards! Brookhaven Lab physicist Chao Zhang was selected by DOE’s Office of High Energy Physics to receive funding for a project titled “Optimization of Liquid Argon TPCs for Nucleon Decay and Neutrino Physics.” Fermilab scientist Alex Himmel has received a 2017... Read more »

Scanning Earth’s interior with neutrinos

Ara Ioannisian and colleagues have calculated the high-energy solar neutrino rate using an eight-layer Earth model in which the density increases abruptly at each layer boundary. These density “jumps”—particularly those near the surface—have a significant effect on the nighttime signal… a decrease in the nighttime excess signal could be detected... Read more »

DUNE at 1000+ joins mega-collaboration club

On August 15, the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) became the latest member of the exclusive club of particle physics experiments with more than a thousand collaborators. At the August collaboration meeting, co-spokesperson Ed Blucher announced the one thousandth DUNE collaborator, Vitor Prestes Luzio, from Universidade Federal do ABC, Brazil…... Read more »

From Young DUNE

Young DUNE gaining strength

Young DUNE is no Irma, but it continues to become a more powerful — constructive! — force within DUNE. As the Young DUNE spokesperson liaison, David Martinez has helped spearhead this group’s growth over the past year and a half. Karl Warburton will now replace Martinez in this leadership role…

At your fingertips

New MediaWiki site for DUNE

A new MediaWiki site for DUNE, wiki.dunescience.org, is ready for you to use. It is intended as a platform for collaborative work. Here you can keep notes about your work in a flexibly structured and easy-to-access place, and gather and develop content for official documentation.  We all know that the technical proposals and the TDR are coming up soon…

News and updates

Deliverables and funding: The job of the consortia

Conveners are in place for eight of the nine far detector consortia… In August they held their initial meetings, with the appointment of technical leads as the first order of business… Important deadlines are looming. By the end of this calendar year, we need to define the scope of each consortium and assemble the aspirational lists of responsibilities from the member institutions…

Kicking off the Far Site construction

Barely a month after awarding the contract for the LBNF Far Site construction to Kiewit/Alberici Joint Venture (KAJV), LBNF and KAJV held their kick-off meeting at SURF to review contractual issues and expectations, establish the initial steps and deliverables, and establish communication channels… While the LBNF Far Site excavation is not a particularly large project for these firms, it is clearly one of the most interesting…

New chair of LBNF/DUNE Resource Review Board

Alison Markovitz joins Fermilab (this week) as the laboratory’s first chief strategic partnerships officer. In this new role, Markovitz will lead externally focused activities that are key to Fermilab’s success, including two international groups supporting the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility and Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment, the laboratory’s government relations activities, and the Office of Communication…