Features – January 2018

UK builds vital component for DUNE

A UK team has just completed their first prototype Anode Plane Assembly (APA), the largest component of the DUNE (single-phase) detector, to be used in the protoDUNE detector at CERN. The APA, which was built at the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC) Daresbury Laboratory, is the first such anode... Read more »

The biggest little detectors

In one sense, the two ProtoDUNE detectors are small. As prototypes of the much larger planned Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment, they are only representative slices, each measuring about 1 percent of the size of the final detector. But in all other ways, the ProtoDUNE detectors are simply massive…

U.S. Secretary of Energy Perry visits Fermilab

The U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry toured Fermilab’s extensive science and technology research complex on January 9th and led a town hall meeting with lab employees and visiting scientists. The visit highlighted Fermilab’s leadership as the host laboratory for LBNF/DUNE, the first international megascience experiment to be built at... Read more »

At your fingertips

LBNF/DUNE facts and figures

The Fermilab Office of Communication recently unveiled a new page for the media to find information about LBNF and DUNE. For those of us in the LBNF and DUNE community, another new page collects Facts, Numbers, and Talking Points. It points to information maintained by both DUNE/LBNF and the Fermilab Office of Communication, and is linked from the LBNF at Work and DUNE at Work sites…

From Young DUNE

Getting the beamline right for CPV sensitivity

Now a University of Oregon grad student, Amit Bashyal (left) spent some time at Fermilab as an International Fellow where he studied the uncertainties in CP violation measurements for different candidate LBNF beamline designs. Also a contributor to the beamline optimization effort is Rowan Zaki, a student at Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands…

News and updates

Going green with blue blocks

“When I got to Fermilab 20 years ago, the NuMI project had just placed a large order for blue blocks to build the NuMI target shield pile and shielding around the hadron absorber,” said Salman Tariq, now the LBNF Beamline Project Engineer. “Now they are the right thing to use for LBNF…”

Cranes, crates and conveyances

A December trip by the CERN cryostat design team to Fermilab for ICARUS provided an opportunity for discussions on the LBNF/DUNE Far Site interfaces, as well. Some outstanding issues require resolution within the next six months in order to advance the final Far Site facilities design…