Features – November 2016

Getting LArSoft in shape for DUNE

A simulated charged-current interaction for a 3-GeV electron neutrino. The final state has a 1-GeV electron (the down-going electromagnetic shower) and a 1.6-GeV positively charged pion (the up-going hadronic shower going).

This month nus2surf reports on two of the efforts covered in the FD Optimization Task Force report, single-phase far detector reconstruction, and detector optimization studies, led by Tingjun Yang and Xin Qian, and dual-phase (DP) simulation and reconstruction, led by Vyacheslav Galymov. LArSoft, a software environment for event simulation, reconstruction... Read more »

Unwinding the APA winding mystery


“Almost everyone who visits to see the APAs and wire-winding machine – physicists, engineers, everybody — asks about how the wires are wound,” said Bob Paulos, director of the Physical Sciences Laboratory (PSL), where the first three APAs for ProtoDUNE-SP are being fabricated. “We have to explain it better…”

Ready to assemble the SP team at CERN

Roberto Acciarri next to the LArIAT cryostat at Fermilab with the TPC installed. Photo courtesy R. Acciarri

The first long-term traveler for the installation of the ProtoDUNE-SP detector has arrived in Geneva. Fermilab’s Roberto Acciarri, the coordinator for the Detector Integration, Testing and Installation working group, will spend about two years at CERN coordinating these efforts… Acciarri will be a rich source of information for the newcomers... Read more »

Science enhances education, economy


The Sanford Underground Research Facility houses world-leading physics experiments, as well as other experiments in biology, geology and engineering—all of which affect the economy as well as education. “The science of our experiments has been used to enhance STEM education for schools throughout South Dakota,” said Mike Headley…

At your fingertips

DocDB basics for new collaborators


The article Using DocDB like a pro appeared back in May of this year, but a reminder may help… DocDB is easy to use, but it can trip you up. That’s why DUNE provides the documentation that Using DocDB like a pro links to. To get started, however, you just need to know a couple of things…

News and updates

Reviewers see significant progress on SP components

Field cage top panel assembly, October 2016. Photo: CPA/HV team

Reviews, reviews, reviews… so many reviews. Since nus2surf reported on the single-phase detector system reviews in September, the design has undergone four reviews… reviewers have recognized and commended the experiment on the considerable amount of work that it has accomplished in the tight timescale…

Hardware and software infrastructure: sizable and reliable

Nektarios Benekos

ProtoDUNE and DUNE computing will require a sizable and reliable hardware and software technology infrastructure. Nektarios Benekos of CERN is leading the effort for providing this infrastructure for the Neutrino Platform Experimental Hall, where the two ProtoDUNE detectors will reside…

Fermilab deepens relationship with SURF

Along with Fermilab in Batavia, Illinois, Sanford Underground Research Facility in South Dakota is the site of the future Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment and its Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility. Pictured here is Ross Shaft. Photo: Sanford Underground Research Facility

Fermilab has assumed a new role in the general services that support Department of Energy (DOE) science at the South Dakota facility… Starting Oct. 1, Fermilab became the point of contact for the DOE Office of Science at Sanford Lab…