Features – October 2016

Cosmic depth: LBNF featured in Tunnels and Tunnelling

LBNF cavern at SURF

Nicole Robinson, editor of “Tunnels and Tunnelling North America,” a publication of the Tunnelling Association of Canada (TAC), reports on the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility in the article “Cosmic Depth” …

Proto-ProtoDUNE-SP at Ash River


Bill Miller, a key member of the ProtoDUNE-SP team, is leading the effort to prototype the mechanical installation of the TPC components to ensure that all the latches and hinges planned for ProtoDUNE-SP fit and hold the components correctly and securely, to determine what paths the cables will take, and... Read more »

Physics for sports fans


Fermilab runs a very popular lecture series for the public each year, and it was only a matter of time before Chang Kee Jung would be tapped to offer an evening of sports and science, based on his Physics of Sports course at Stony Brook University. He focused his September... Read more »

Two years and four institutions


DUNE is less than two years old, but already some collaborators have moved from one institution to another, continuing their research as their careers develop. But no one has moved through more institutions during this time — all participating in DUNE — than Cesar Castromonte, currently from Centro Brasileiro de... Read more »

IHEP China to prototype beamline corrector magnets


A team from IHEP will begin constructing a prototype of a small dipole magnet for the LBNF beamline later this month. The beamline needs 23 of these magnets, used to provide fine tuning of the magnetic field at every focusing location. The prototype should be ready for testing in the... Read more »

At your fingertips

Traveling to CERN?


Will you be traveling to CERN? You may need to get computer accounts, or you may only need to get a temporary visitor ID. Find out what you need and how to get it.

Photos of the ProtoDUNE-SP exoskeleton floor and end-wall

Floor and one wall section of ProtoDUNE-SP exoskeleton.

See Cat James’ photos showing progress on ProtoDUNE-SP’s exoskeleton construction, available from the DUNE at Work image gallery.

News and updates

Bob Wilson elected IB chair


On September 27 the IB Chair election committee announced the election of Bob Wilson of Colorado State University. The collaboration has clearly recognized Wilson’s extensive leadership experience over the last decade in bringing about what is now DUNE/LBNF and his deep commitment to both the science and the community of DUNE. Congratulations, Bob!

U.S. government funded through Dec. 9, science on hold


From FYI, The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News: On September 29, 2016, the president signed a stopgap spending bill that extends current fiscal year funding for the federal government through Dec. 9… major science-related legislation will not see further movement earlier than mid-November.

DUNE updates since the September collaboration meeting


Never a dull moment: DUNE has added eight new institutions and two new countries to its roster. The ProtoDUNE-SP TDR is released. LBNF’s Ami Dave takes on the role of Resource Coordinator. And get a cool DUNE t-shirt!

New DUNE department at Fermilab

Looking to the future, Fermilab’s Neutrino Division is making some organizational changes, and will elevate the activities on DUNE and SBN, which are rapidly ramping up, to the level of their own departments.