Features – October 2017

UK commits $88 million to LBNF/DUNE

U.S. Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs Judith G. Garber and UK Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation Jo Johnson signed the U.S.-UK Science and Technology Agreement on Sept. 20 in Washington, D.C. The signing ceremony marks the first ever... Read more »

Neutrino trading cards a hit at Fermilab’s Open House

Leon Lederman or Willie Mays? Although the mid-20th century “golden age” of collecting baseball cards –the classic American hobby — is long past, it turns out that kids still like picture cards. The neutrino trading cards were a big hit at the Neutrino Campus during Fermilab’s Open House, September 23rd.... Read more »

Construction of protoDUNE detector begins

(From the CERN Courier) While the two big cryostats housing the ProtoDUNE detectors are about to be completed, the construction of the ProtoDUNE detectors themselves has just started. The first of six APA modules recently arrived at CERN… In parallel, other parts of the protoDUNE-SP detector are being assembled…

At your fingertips

The Official Data Catalog

The DUNE Data Catalog, started in late 2015 for use with the 35 ton prototype, then expanded to index Monte Carlo samples, got a makeover last summer.

Makeover by NOvA web tools. Because DUNE’s worth it…

News and updates

Thumbs up on optimized beam target and horn design

In pursuit of a beam that will increase DUNE’s sensitivity to CP violation, three teams have been working together since 2015 on a conceptual-level optimized design for the LBNF beamline target, horns, and support systems. The design passed its first review on October 5-6, 2017 at Fermilab…

Activity on both sides of the Atlantic

“Activity on both sides of the Atlantic is very intense,” said Gina Rameika at the collaboration phone call on 6 October. “Delivery of components is on-going and we are pushing very hard to keep to a schedule which will result in a fully instrumented ProtoDUNE-SP with six APAs on the same time scale as the cryogenics system…”

Logistics manager to keep communication and components flowing

Given the sheer quantity and assortment of materials that will arrive and require storage in South Dakota over the course of several years, our new Logistics Manager for the Far Site, Elizabeth Hilgart, will be spending quite a bit of time there. The question is: will Lead, SD join her list of favorite cities in the U.S. – Boston, Bar Harbor, San Francisco and San Antonio?