Features – June 2018

ProtoDUNE-SP is closed!

The temporary construction opening (TCO) on ProtoDUNE-SP is closed! The operation went smoothly and on schedule, finishing on June 12th… The ball now passes to the ProtoDUNE-SP crew for final assembly… with the end of August as the target date for activation of the detector and first beam data…

Inside the International Hunt for the Ghost Particle

Watch this six-minute video from seeker.com: “This mega science experiment wants to solve one of the biggest mysteries in science today: what happened after the Big Bang?”

Measures of progress: collaborators, prototypes and design reports

During the May collaboration meeting at Fermilab, the DUNE Institutional Board admitted two new institutions… Much of the collaboration meeting was devoted to the upcoming operation of the DUNE prototype detectors, with updates on the construction… Another important topic was the Interim Design Report (previously called the Technical Proposal) for... Read more »

From Young DUNE

Guang Yang working on big ideas

Stony Brook University postdoc Guang Yang has contributed to two big ideas coming out of the Near Detector Concept Study…  One is a fine-grained, three-dimensional scintillating plastic detector, called the 3DST… Yang is also involved in DUNE-prism, a proposed “big idea” to move the near detector off-axis at different positions to allow disentangling of the flux-plus-cross section degeneracy…

In the international press



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Five-minute survey about nus2SURF

Given the variety of news feeds available, we want to see if nus2SURF is one that you value, and what changes you might like to see in it. Soon you will receive an email with a link requesting that you fill out an anonymous survey about nus2SURF. Please take 5 minutes to fill out the survey when the link arrives in your inbox…

All things neutrino

The all things neutrino website was developed by Fermilab and released 31 May 2018.  It provides answers to the “big” questions about neutrinos and their place in the universe, and does so in language that the general public can understand…​

Faces of DUNE launched!

Faces of DUNE has launched on the Fermilab Twitter feed and Facebook page. Until a website is developed, these images will gradually appear in social media and “live” there, so keep your eyes peeled for your colleagues to show up! Roxanne Guenette of Harvard University starts things off…

News and updates

New DUNE at Work website

Released Thursday, June14, DUNE’s new “At Work” website is the product of several months of work by a team led by Maxine Hronek. It is built in WordPress and offers a clean, easy-to-navigate interface to improve your online user experience when looking for information to support your DUNE activities…

Operational and support services for DUNE in South Dakota

To support Fermilab services provided for LBNF, DUNE, and other DOE-funded experiments that will operate at Sanford Lab, Fermilab has established a new organizational unit there and hired South Dakota native Patrick Weber to lead it…