Features – June 2017

The São Paulo lepton connection

Last week I traveled to Brazil on behalf of DUNE, participating in a DUNE-focused workshop, giving colloquia and attending the opening ceremony of a major new science facility… The highlight of my time in Campinas was the opening of the Laboratório de Léptons…

Fermilab turns 50 with DUNE on the horizon

Fermilab held a symposium on its 50th anniversary that led into its annual Users Meeting. Employees and users old and new celebrated Fermilab’s accomplishments, its dynamic current program and ambitious plans for the future. Angela Fava presented “Current and future neutrino experiments”, and Ed Blucher gave a presentation on... Read more »

SURF’s up in July!

The Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead, S.D. is the place to be this July. Neutrino Day, Sanford Lab’s free science festival, takes place Friday and Saturday, July 7-8. Groundbreaking for the LBNF far site will take place two weeks later, on Friday, July 21… Congratulations to the LBNF project!

From Young DUNE

Join Young DUNE

As many of you know, Young DUNE is the collaboration’s group for grad students, post docs, and other early career physicists involved with DUNE. The only requirement for membership is that you not be the direct supervisor of another collaborator…

At your fingertips

Opening of the Laboratório de Léptons in Brazil

Watch the opening of the Laboratório de Léptons (the Lepton Laboratory) in Brazil, as featured on UNICAMP TV. (At left, Marcel Knobel, Dean of the Universidade Estadual de Campinas.)

News and updates

No more training overload

No one wants to retake training courses. That is why Mike Andrews has pushed through an effort to compare training courses across the laboratories participating in LBNF/DUNE, identify the equivalencies, and establish a set of common courses that are acceptable by the different labs…

New atmosphere for beamline target chase

The LBNF beamline design originally called for an air-filled/air-cooled target chase, the enclosure in which the target and horns are installed. The older NuMI beamline, however, which also used air, brought to light some issues that the LBNF team needed to consider. The LBNF beamline project has selected nitrogen as the atmosphere for the target chase…

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers trains on Quality Management

The LBNF/DUNE mega-construction project will consist of millions of parts and pieces assembled in challenging underground environments; how will we know it is being built correctly? Preparing for the start of construction, several members of the LBNF project team have completed a comprehensive course in Quality Management taught by construction experts from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)…

June activities in EHN1

CERN staff, contractors, and visiting collaborators are very busy this month in EHN1, where the two ProtoDUNEs are housed. Insulation panels, clean room walls, the cold box for APA testing, cooled racks for DAQ, computing, and storage, impedance monitoring — a lot is going on…