Features – March 2017

Welcome to Ed Blucher as co-spokesperson

Mark Thomson congratulates Ed Blucher of the University of Chicago on his new position as Co-Spokesperson of DUNE. Ed was elected from a strong list of candidates, with the election results announced on the 3rd of March…

Researchers face engineering puzzle

“We have to transfer almost 70,000 tons of liquid argon underground,” says David Montanari, a Fermilab engineer in charge of the experiment’s cryogenics. “And at this point we have two options: We can either transfer it as a liquid or we can transfer it as a gas…”

DUNE’s Sowjanya Gollapinni to co-direct Saturday Morning Physics

Over the past 37 years, local students have spent their Saturday mornings not in front of a TV, but in front of a blackboard, learning physics at Fermilab. Since its inception, Saturday Morning Physics has been one of Fermilab’s most popular outreach initiatives. This year, the directorial duties will pass... Read more »

April in January – DUNE at the APS

DUNE sent two collaborators, Elizabeth Worcester and Kevin Wood, and one likely future collaborator, Brandeis senior Brendon Bullard, to the (oddly named) April APS meeting held in Washington, D.C. in January. Here is a round-up from them…

Life in Lead, SD: what to expect

About a hundred members of the community around Lead, SD gathered last Monday evening in the Lead/Deadwood High School auditorium to learn more about LBNF and DUNE, the activities that will be taking place in and around SURF to prepare for and support these projects, and the changes the community... Read more »

At your fingertips

Share and find DUNE plots and graphics

Approved plots and other images are now easy to share with your DUNE collaborators and easy to find on DUNE’s new Approved Plots site. Intended as an internal tool for organizing and retrieving these plots, this site requires authentication…

Give us a little Slack

With such a large international collaboration, the small-scale “working together” that has to happen can be challenging. DUNE collaborators are finding that an instant-messaging platform makes it easy to conduct free-flowing discussions and to share code, images and other files. Slack — with a “k” — is the chosen platform…

News and updates

“On track for CD-2” says U.S. DOE review committee

A unique and interesting aspect of LBNF/DUNE is that it represents both a facility built under U.S. DOE procedures with significant international support, and an international experiment with a DOE contribution. From the DOE perspective, LBNF and DUNE-U.S. are one project, and the project requires annual reviews. The 2017 review took place at Fermilab from February 28th to March 2nd…

Near Detector Task Force achieves goal

The Near Detector Task Force is getting ready to submit its final report.
“We have reached our goal,” said Steve Brice, the task force leader. “We have completed a set of four run-throughs of the analysis chain, each more sophisticated than the previous… The collaboration can now use these results to inform the near detector design…”

Clash detection

As DUNE progresses from working groups into consortia responsible for the design and construction of actual detector elements — consortia that are distributed around the globe — how does the project verify that the detector elements will fit together in the cryostats and that the detector modules will work within the design and constraints of the conventional facilities that support the experiment? The answer is a set of integrated 3D... Read more »