Collaborative software tools

DUNE and LBNF have settled on a set of software tools to allow everyone to collaborate in a standardized and documented way. We would say “to collaborate easily,” but of course what you find easy is what you know, right? Eileen Berman, Computing Coordinator, has put together an overview page of the set of collaborative tools that the collaboration and projects use…

Planning for construction at CERN — no holes, bumps or pessimists

Overheard at the May collaboration meeting: “The difference between a pessimist and an optimist is that a pessimist knows the details.”

Might there have been a pessimist or two among the DUNE scientists and engineers gathered at CERN during the week of April 25 to map out the very detailed logistics for the upcoming ProtoDUNE-SP installation? Despite being amused by the comment, Jack Fowler doesn’t think so.