Features – July/August 2018

A dual-phase DUNE

The dual-phase detector is a concept that’s relatively new for neutrino science but familiar to researchers from other parts of particle physics… The dual-phase ProtoDUNE recently finished the first test of the charge readout plane, or CRP, which will amplify the electrons into the gas and collect their signals. The CRPs... Read more »

ArgonCube paving the way to a near site LArTPC

Spearheaded by the Laboratory for High Energy Physics at the University of Bern and made up of existing DUNE member institutions, ArgonCube is a collaboration for LArTPC detector R&D, with a focus on the technical needs for the DUNE physics program.  DUNE’s current plans include a LArTPC component in the... Read more »

Proceeding with PIP-II, Fermilab’s accelerator upgrade project

The U.S. Department of Energy formally approved Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory to proceed with its design of PIP-II, an accelerator upgrade project that will provide increased beam power to generate an unprecedented stream of neutrinos and enable a broad program of physics research for many years to come… Fermilab expects... Read more »

Strengthening science connections with São Paulo

One of the largest efforts by São Paulo researchers on DUNE is the light-detection system known as ARAPUCA. This innovative device, developed by three Brazilian universities and Fermilab and named for the Guaraní word for bird trap, will collect very low light signals coming from the DUNE detectors…

Stefan Söldner-Rembold receives 2018 James Chadwick Medal and Prize

Professor Stefan Söldner-Rembold of the University of Manchester for his contributions to pioneering experimental work in high-energy particle physics and his international leadership in Higgs and neutrino physics…

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The latest Faces of DUNE

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Pictures of ProtoDUNE Progress

Dominique Duchesneau (LAPP) and Sarah Charley (CERN) share some pictures from ProtoDUNE.

News and updates

Calibration techniques honed and ready for test beam data

Ajib Paudel and Glenn Horton-Smith, both of Kansas State University, and Tingjun Yang of Fermilab are practicing calibration techniques on ProtoDUNE-SP to get ready for the DUNE far detector. The group is running MC data samples of cosmic ray muon tracks through an analysis to correct for nonuniformities in the detector volume…

DUNE completes Interim Design Report

The international Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) achieved a milestone on July 29 when the collaboration released its 687-page Interim Design Report for the construction of gigantic particle detector modules a mile underground in South Dakota. The three-volume interim report, which was posted on the scientific online repository arXiv, summarizes the DUNE physics goals and the design of the detector to meet these goals…

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