Amaze your audience…

LBNF-DUNE-animation-still-image-smEager to share the excitement of LBNF/DUNE with friends, colleagues or policy-makers? Fermilab has created a two-minute animation titled LBNF / DUNE: An International Mega-Science Project, available for your use in presentations. A narrated version with music will be posted on YouTube and publicized widely in the near future.

In this new animation audiences can watch a proton beam at Fermilab accelerate and smash into a target to create a beam of neutrinos, follow the neutrinos on their journey and see what happens as they reach the DUNE detector. And there is a supernova!

“This will help us explain to the world what we are doing,” said Elaine McCluskey. “We want people to know that this project is a big deal.”

The narrated version will be featured prominently from the home page and will be made available to you for downloading. A link will also be added to the same page that offers the silent version.

“This animation will help people understand the scope of the project,” added Chris Mossey, “and importantly, it touches on the science and the global nature of the collaboration.”

— Anne Heavey and Kurt Riesselmann