DUNE: 2016 a year of growth (email version)

DUNE co-spokesperson Mark Thomson in Fermilab's ROC West control room
DUNE co-spokesperson Mark Thomson in Fermilab’s ROC West control room

(This is the original article; the web version is slightly modified.)

We are on the verge of launching the next major particle physics project! Approval for far site excavation, anticipated this Spring, will be a major step, marking the start of the LBNF construction project. In parallel, preparation for the construction of the two large-scale prototypes at CERN is in full swing. Looking further ahead, on the timescale of 2019 we aim to have assembled the resources to construct the first two 10-kt far detector modules and the near detector system. There is much to do and the ultimate success of DUNE almost certainly will require enlargement and further internationalization of the collaboration.

The excitement generated by a CD-3a approval, coupled with the construction of the ProtoDUNE detectors, provides a major opportunity to attract new collaborators. Two “regional” meetings are planned to capitalize on this opportunity. At CERN on April 7th/8th, DUNE will welcome potential collaborators from European institutions, and on April 27th/28th potential Latin American collaborators will gather at Fermilab. These meetings will focus on the scientific and technical opportunities provided by LBNF/DUNE. The Neutrino 2016 and ICHEP conferences will provide further opportunities to reach out to interested scientists from all over the world.

These are exciting times for LBNF/DUNE! André and I are confident that by the end of 2016 we will have taken significant steps in expanding the international participation in DUNE and that we will reap rewards as we move ahead with our ambitious plans.

— Mark Thomson