Nus from SURF

Piping in the Ross Shaft. Photo: SURF

Lease signed for spaces at SURF

Before the LBNF far site construction can begin at SURF, a number of milestones must be met, one of which is a signed lease for the surface and underground spaces that LBNF/DUNE will occupy. SURF is owned and managed by the South Dakota Science and Technology Authority (SDSTA), who must therefore lease these spaces to DOE for a period that extends through the experiment operations. This lease was signed March 19 and will come into effect May 1.

Fermilab will be responsible for operational management of the leased spaces, including ESH oversight. The LBNF/DUNE Project will be responsible for managing the construction and operations, and the experimental equipment installation activities for both the surface and underground facilities. And of course the DUNE Experiment will be responsible for managing the operation of the experiment including detector operations.

Evaluate the pre-excavation design

Arup, USA, the firm providing architectural and engineering design services for the LBNF far site conventional facilities has provided two 30% final design submittals associated with a “Pre-Excavation” scope for preparing the site. The submittals are available at DocDB 1141 (Excavation) and 1137 (Buildings and Site Infrastructure).

Your comments on the design are welcome! Please request the comment form from Joshua Willhite and return it to him by April 22, 2016. He will collect all the comments and submit them to Arup, who will respond.

Piping in the Ross Shaft. Photo: SURF
Piping in the Ross Shaft. Photo: SURF

Ross rehab

Several maintenance or restoration activities are ongoing at SURF in preparation for LBNF/DUNE to mitigate risks and ensure safety. The Ross Shaft rehabilitation, which includes removal of all existing steel structural elements, and installation of both ground support and new structural steel, has been completed from the surface down to the 3500L (the full height, to the 5000L is scheduled for mid-2017).