Cryo, chips and cables

Cryo systems for ProtoDUNEs and SBN

On April 14 the cryogenics systems for ProtoDUNE were finalized and reviewed at CERN in conjunction with the cryogenics systems for the SBND program. The CERN-Fermilab team is finalizing the documentation and CERN expects to issue a solicitation in May to meet the aggressive timetable for the cryogenics installation of ProtoDUNE and SBN. The solicitation covers proximity and external cryogenics for both single- and dual-phase ProtoDUNE at CERN, and proximity cryogenics for SBND and SBN-FD at Fermilab. Offers are expected about 5-6 weeks after the solicitation is issued.

— David Montanari

Sixteen channels of ADC laid out on the cold ASIC chip (Image: Neena Nambiar)

Chips and cables

Carl Grace of LBNL led a review of the cold ADC ASIC at Brookhaven April 7-8. Based on measurements and simulations of the previous version of the prototype chip, the review concluded that the modifications in the current design are likely to produce satisfactory performance and acceptable differential non-linearity. The review committee thus recommended proceeding to submission to MOSIS for fabrication of this chip after running some additional simulations. The team completed the simulations and plans to submit the design on May 16. We will use this chip design for the first APA tests at CERN.

Once the chips are delivered, in about three months, the team will run tests to see if more modifications are needed before ordering the chips for ProtoDUNE-SP. If so, we will make a subsequent submission to MOSIS in the fall.

The cold electronics team identified a good cold cable candidate (produced by Samtec) for the long cables required by the DUNE far detector. In April the DUNE technical board recommended use of a short version of this cable (about 7m) and connector to read out the ProtoDUNE prototype cold TPC electronics.

— Steve Kettell for the Cold Electronics team