Economic benefits to Illinois and South Dakota

sd-il-regions origA newly released report presents an estimate of the economic impact of the construction and operations of LBNF/DUNE in the Chicago and west South Dakota regions through the year 2026. It predicts $1.1 billion in output and $570 million in earnings for Chicago-area residents, and  $860 million in output and $330 million in earnings for western SD residents.

Produced by the Anderson Economic Group, LLC, the report presents a “credible and conservative” estimate, taking into account the capital projects associated with LBNF/DUNE, including the Proton Improvement Plan II (PIP-II) and the proposed Integrated Engineering Research Center (IER), both at Fermilab. The report also addresses the fiscal impacts the planned project would have on Illinois and South Dakota, and discusses other important benefits of this initiative in the areas of education, technology and the significant contribution that this initiative represents for the U.S. in global particle physics research.

An overview of the report and its major findings are available on the LBNF website.