Highlights of the April American Physical Society meeting

Pushpa Bhat of Fermilab, left, stands with the Kavli keynote speakers: 2015 physics Nobel laureates Arthur McDonald and Takaaki Kajita, and Neta Bahcall of Princeton (second from right). Pushpa Bhat contributed the article. Photo courtesy of Pushpa Bhat

(Excerpted from Fermilab news, April 25)

The recent American Physical Society meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, which took place from April 16-19, was a star-studded affair as physics meetings go.

Nobel laureates Arthur McDonald and Takaaki Kajita, along with renowned scientist Neta Bahcall (wife of late John Bahcall), were speakers for the Kavli keynote plenary session on neutrinos commemorating the 60th anniversary of the detection of the neutrino by Cowan and Reines.

Apart from the fact that the theme for this meeting was “neutrinos” and that particle physics was celebrated in many plenary sessions, the Division of Particles and Fields (DPF) had organized a very strong program with 22 invited sessions and 23 contributed sessions… A session titled Big International Neutrino Projects and Collaborations, co-sponsored by DPF and FIP, chaired by Maria Spiropulu of Caltech, featured invited talks by David Wark of STFC, UK, DUNE collaboration’s co-spokesperson Mark Thomson of the University of Cambridge, UK, and Marco Zito of CEA, France.

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