International Neutrino Council meeting

Elaine McCluskey reports to the INC on April 22, 2016 at Fermilab

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of High Energy Physics convened the 2nd session of the International Neutrino Council (INC) for the Long-Baseline Neutrino Program (LBNP) on 22 April 2016. The INC is a consulting body to DOE and is composed of regional representatives of government funding agencies that provide major contributions to the LBNF and DUNE programs.

Participating in this session were funding agency representatives from CERN (including the CERN Council President), Switzerland, Brazil, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, and the U.S.

At its second session, reports were given on the status and progress of LBNF, DUNE, ProtoDUNE, and the short-baseline neutrino programs. Further, a presentation by DOE was made on the U.S. processes related to negotiating cooperative agreements with various international partners. DOE and the Fermilab Directorate also had an opportunity to obtain pertinent information from the international delegates on their country-specific processes and of the overall program.

The next INC meeting is planned to be held next March 2017.

— Jim Siegrist, Director, U.S. DOE Office of Science