Using DocDB like a pro

dunedocdbuserhierarchyDoes DocDB ever trip you up? Do you ever wonder why a link to a document THAT YOU KNOW YOU’VE ACCESSED BEFORE simply doesn’t work? Do you know about the different forms of the URL?

Once you’ve been part of DUNE or LBNF for a while you know pretty well how to get to documents stored on the DUNE DocDB. And you know the passwords you need and you probably even have a certificate (What’s that?). But even “old hands” get tripped up occasionally when they’re not paying attention.

An “old hand” has just written new instructions on accessing and using DocDB. You will find three interlinked pages accessible from the How To… menu on the DUNE and LBNF at Work pages: How to access and use DocDB, Using DocDB (detailed), and DocDB Primer for Permissions and URLs.

Each of these pages includes a link to instructions for getting a certificate. And the Primer attempts to demystify the differences between certificate and password access. The documentation does NOT give you any of the passwords, however — send an email to to request the right one.

Please send any constructive(!) comments about these DocDB instructions to

— Anne Heavey