Neutrinos for the neighbors


Many of us have well-honed answers to questions like “What is a neutrino?” or “Will the neutrino beam be safe?” and other questions that the general public may have.

In case you find yourself at a loss when your friends, relatives, or neighbors don’t speak eigenstates, mass hierarchies, or half-lives, send them to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on the LBNF website. Although it is targeted primarily for the communities neighboring Fermilab and SURF, the section About Neutrinos, in particular, provides scientific information in an accessible way.

About neutrinos

What is a neutrino?
Why is the LBNF/DUNE project scientifically important?
Are neutrinos safe?
Will the neutrino beam be safe?
How do you make neutrinos?
What path will the neutrinos take from Fermilab to Sanford Lab?
Will the neutrinos affect people’s property?