Headley transitions out of Far Site Facilities Manager position

110912_mikeh2x2For the past year, I’ve been serving in a dual role with the SDSTA and Fermilab as the as the SDSTA Executive Director and the Far Site Facilities Manager for the LBNF Project. As the LBNF Project planning has evolved, it’s become clear that due to the contractual relationships between Fermilab and the SDSTA for LBNF related work that the LBNF Project needs a Fermilab-employed Far Site Facilities Manager going forward to avoid potential conflicts of interest. After discussions with DOE, Fermilab management, the SDSTA Board, and me, the LBNF Project has decided to begin a search for a Fermilab-employed Far Site Facilities Manager. I will transition my LBNF role to that person as they are hired in the coming weeks, and I will remain with the SDSTA.
After this transition is completed, I will continue forward as the SDSTA Executive Director. I will also assume the Laboratory Director role that I held previously. As a result, Walter Weinig will be leaving the Laboratory Director role and the SDSTA effective September 9th. I want to thank Walter for his dedicated service to the SDSTA and operation of the Sanford Lab over the past year. We appreciate his service and wish him all the best into the future.
I’m looking forward to engaging with our current and future experiments and the Sanford Lab operations activities as we move forward and want to thank you in advance for your patience as we work through these transitions. Please let me know if you have any questions.