Rotating roles

We would like to announce a number of changes to roles within the Collaboration. Several changes are part of the planned rotation of positions, whilst others are due to people wishing to stand down.

Maury Goodman has informed the IB that he will not be able to continue as Chair. We would like to thank Maury for successfully steering the IB through the initial stages of the DUNE Collaboration. An election for a new chair has been brought forward from January 2017 and is in progress.

Chang Kee Jung has decided to step down from the role as DUNE Resource Coordinator as of October 1st. We would like to thank Chang Kee for his work in starting up the Collaboration Resource Board. We plan to announce his replacement in the very near future.Sanjib Mishra has expressed the desire to step down from his role as one of the two Near Detector Coordinators. We are very grateful for the pivotal role Sanjib has played in the transition period of the Near Detector organisation. Over the course of the next few weeks we hope to identify a new ND Coordinator to join Kam-Biu Luk.

Gina Ramieka will join Flavio and Christos as a third protoDUNE-SP Coordinator. She will take on the responsibility for the management of the production and delivery of the detector components to CERN. We are very pleased to have her on board.

Elizabeth Worcester will take over as Deputy Physics Coordinator, joining Ryan Patterson in the physics coordination team. Our thanks goes to Jon Urheim who is rotating out. Jon remains a key part of DUNE team as a member of the Executive Committee.

Amir Farbin has stepped down as DUNE Software and Computing Coordinator to focus on the high-energy frontier. We wish him the best of luck in his future roles on ATLAS. Andrew Norman will be joining DUNE in the role of Software and Computing Coordinator. Andrew brings a vast amount of experience and we are pleased to welcome him to the team.

Concerning the long-baseline neutrino oscillation working group, Elizabeth Worcester and Thomas Patzak are rotating out. Mayly Sanchez and Matt Bass are joining Silvia Pascoli to convene this important physics group.
On the Near Detector Physics working group, Rik Gran, Roberto Petti and Raj Gandhi are rotating out. Mike Kordosky and Steve Manly are taking over as the new conveners.

The conveners of the other physics Working Groups, as well as those of the Task Forces, remain unchanged.

We look forward to a smooth transition and thank again everyone for their engagement and strong commitment to DUNE. Please join us in supporting our new conveners in their new roles.