Single-phase detector system reviews are proceeding

Wire winding machine for anode plane assemblies at PSL.

DUNE is rapidly progressing towards a complete design of the ProtoDUNE single-phase detector. A series of reviews, one for each of the various detector systems for this design, is taking place in advance of the start of mass production of the detector components. Besides the goals of analyzing, finalizing and documenting the designs, these reviews offer the collaboration an excellent opportunity to study and understand each design. Fabrication of the first components is planned for this fall/winter.

We held our first design review, for the Anode Plane Assembly, on July 13-14 at the Physical Sciences Laboratory of the University of Wisconsin. A very strong review committee, mostly from outside of DUNE, produced a large number of useful recommendations.

The second detector system review, dedicated to the Photon System, was held at the University of Chicago on August 2-3. Again, a very strong external committee provided a number of valuable recommendations.

A review of the single-phase TPC electronics, held jointly with SBND, will take place at BNL between October 12-14. The committee has been assembled and the agenda is taking shape.

A review of the DAQ system will be held at CERN November 3-4. The committee is being assembled.

We will follow this with two additional reviews at CERN: the Detector Support System review on November 7-8, followed by the Cathode Plane/Field Cage/HV review on November 9-10.

We are planning an Installation Review on January 27-28, right after the January collaboration meeting at CERN. We are working on plans for a production readiness review soon thereafter.

The ProtoDUNE dual-phase detector team is planning a production readiness review towards the end of 2016.