Bob Wilson elected IB chair

Bob Wilson of Colorado State University, newly elected DUNE IB Chair

On September 27 the IB Chair election committee announced the election of Bob Wilson of Colorado State University. The collaboration has clearly recognized Wilson’s extensive leadership experience over the last decade in bringing about what is now DUNE/LBNF and his deep commitment to both the science and the community of DUNE. Congratulations, Bob!

Having served as chairman of the institution council during the formative years of the international BaBar collaboration, Wilson understands the importance of establishing fair governance rules that enable a large and diverse collaboration to work together effectively.

“A collaboration is a microcosm of society as a whole. As on that grander scale, trust in the leadership and the knowledge that there are fair rules that can be appealed, if need be, gives us the freedom to concentrate on the challenges of the science and technology,” said Wilson. “The DUNE collaboration has done a great job of producing a governance document that addresses the core values and needs of the collaboration. My job as chair of the board will be to support the spirit of that document, help to tweak it as the collaboration evolves, and ensure that our collaborating institutions have a voice. I look forward to integrating new institutions into the extended family, and supporting what is a pretty amazing scientific and technical team however I can.”