New DUNE department at Fermilab

Regina Rameika, outgoing head of Neutrino Division; new head of DUNE Department within the division

Excerpted from Fermilab’s Changes coming to the Neutrino Division, 6 Oct 2016, by Regina Rameika.

Fermilab’s Neutrino Division celebrates its two-year anniversary this month. Under Regina Rameika’s leadership, the division has provided technical, scientific and administrative support to a number of activities, either directly or in support of the broader neutrino user community.  Looking to the future, the division is making some organizational changes, and will elevate the activities on DUNE and SBN, which are rapidly ramping up, to the level of their own departments.

Steve Brice, new head of Fermilab’s Neutrino Division

Effective Oct. 15, Rameika is stepping down as Neutrino Division head and assume the role of associate division head as well as department head for the newly formed DUNE department, allowing her to play an active role in leading the construction activities for the ProtoDUNE-SP detector, as announced last month. Steve Brice will become the new division head, and Sam Zeller will be his deputy. Peter Wilson will head the SBN department.

Brice provided this statement to nus2surf: “This new organizational structure highlights the division’s strength on DUNE and enables that strength to grow over the coming years.”

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