Proto-ProtoDUNE-SP at Ash River

Schematic of setup for the ProtoDUNE-SP TPC installation test, viewed from what would be the back of the detector. Existing frame from NOvA (red); aluminum (Al) frame for test (darker green); end-wall field cage assembly (black with lighter green framing). Al roof with feedthroughs and a manhole at near corner (grey); outline of temporary construction opening (faint outline at right). The beam would enter from the upper-right side of the figure.

Imagine that all the APAs, CPA modules, field cage modules and cables for ProtoDUNE-SP arrive at CERN — all perfectly manufactured — only to find out that some part doesn’t fit properly… Bill Miller, the NOvA Far Detector Lab manager at Ash River, MN, and a key member of the ProtoDUNE-SP team, is leading the effort to prototype the mechanical installation of the TPC components to prevent this kind of snafu.

This effort will ensure that all the latches and hinges planned for ProtoDUNE-SP fit and hold the components correctly and securely, determine what paths the cables will take, and work out details of the installation procedure for the team at CERN to follow.

The aluminum frame in place. Photo credit: Bill Miller
The steel frame in place. Photo credit: Bill Miller

“This is the first time these components will come together. We’ll get to see how the field cage lines up with the APAs and how well the trolley system works.  Before installation begins at CERN, we will write up instructions so that the installation team can work smoothly, knowing what to do, what order to do it in, and what to check,” said Miller. “We also need to carefully analyze potential hazards and provide documentation proving that our installation procedure is safe and meets EU standards.”

This past week Miller’s team installed an aluminum frame that will support the cable feedthrough tubes and manhole on the top of the mock cryostat. Four CPA modules (minus their resistive coatings) and the first field cage assembly mock-ups are scheduled to arrive in Ash River during the week of October 17. Vic Guarino and Ken Wood, both from Argonne National Laboratory, will arrive at the same time for the first stage of trial assembly. APAs and more field cage assemblies are expected in November.