Two years and four institutions

Cesar Castromonte

DUNE is less than two years old, but already some collaborators have moved from one institution to another, continuing their research as their careers develop. But no one has moved through more institutions during this time — all participating in DUNE — than Cesar Castromonte, currently from Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas (CBPF), who is about to reach four.

When DUNE first formed (as ELBNF) in January 2016, Castromonte was a postdoc with the Federal University of Goias, in central Brazil. Soon after that he moved to Rio de Janeiro and worked with the Observatorio Nacional, another institutional member of DUNE. In May 2016, Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas became a DUNE collaborating institution, and absorbed the then-current members from Observatorio Nacional. In September 2016, the Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria in Peru joined the collaboration, and has hired Castromonte to start as a new professor this coming November.

Many neutrino physicists are familiar with Castromonte’s work on MINERvA and MINOS, and he has already left his mark on DUNE. He submitted the winning design for the DUNE logo contest in April 2015, a design created by his wife Louisa who works as a graphic artist.