DocDB basics for new collaborators

dunedocdbuserhierarchyThe article Using DocDB like a pro appeared back in May of this year, but a reminder may help new members of the ever-growing DUNE collaboration.

DocDB is easy to use, but it can trip you up.  That’s why DUNE provides the documentation that Using DocDB like a pro links to. To get started, however, you just need to know a couple of things.

DocDB can be accessed via two different types of URLs, one of which is used for access by a shared group name and password, the other is used for certificate access.

The URL for group/password access starts with The URL for certificate access starts with Most links from the DUNE at Work website into DocDB use the 8080 URL.

Most documents in DocDB are available to the entire collaboration, protected under the dune account.  If you need the password, ask a colleague or send an email to

Or get a certificate that allows you to access dune-protected documents. DUNE recommends the CILogon certificate.  If you already have a different certificate, check with Follow the instructions, be aware of the URL whenever you use DocDB, and you will find it very easy.