Progress at Ash River

Beam plug in the end wall at the test site in Ash River, MN, with Tim Loew and Cheng-Ju Lin of LBL looking up. Photo: W.Miller

It has been an extremely busy and productive last few weeks at Ash River, Minnesota as visitors from Argonne National Lab, University of Minnesota, Lawrence Berkeley Lab and Louisiana State University have come up to help the Ash River crew install components in the test structure. We have worked hard to develop the installation procedures and make sure that everything fits together mechanically — and we have learned a great deal.

At the time of writing, we are getting ready for a two-day installation workshop December 14th-16th. The goal of the workshop is to finalize the installation procedures and work out the remaining details so that ProtoDUNE-SP installation can start in early summer 2017.

For the first time we have an APA, a field cage end wall (with the beam plug), and a pair of CPAs with two field cages all together on a mock-up of the Detector Support Structure!