EOIs go live

DUNE co-spokesperson Mark Thomson in Fermilab's ROC West control room


Mark Thomson

Last week the DUNE leadership sent letters to the Institutional Board (IB) Representatives requesting “Expressions of Interest” (EoIs) in the next phase of DUNE. The call for EoIs is a major step in the evolution of the DUNE collaboration as we move towards the planned Technical Design Reports (TDRs) in 2019 and the construction of the DUNE detectors in the first part of the 2020s.

We have asked the IB representatives to indicate the interests of their institutions in four specific areas: the Far Detector Construction Consortia, the Near Detector Concept Study, DUNE Computing, and the LBNF Beamline and Target/Horn facility. Over the coming months, we will use the EoIs to help organize the collaboration efforts in these areas. Perhaps most importantly, the EoIs will help seed the formation of the International Consortia that soon will take on responsibility for the construction of the far detector components.

Letters about the EoI process are also being sent to a key individuals outside the DUNE collaboration with a possible interest in DUNE.

DUNE has both a very strong scientific case and a great deal of momentum. We hope that the EoIs will help solidify interests of the institutions/countries already in the collaboration and also generate interest from potential new collaborators. The initial response is very encouraging.

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