New strategic advisory group for LBNF

A new committee has formed to provide strategic advice to the LBNF project as it advances with and in support of DUNE.

Called the LBNF Strategic Project Advisory Committee (SPAC), this body is specifically charged to provide expert, independent advice on issues and strategies related to project organization, management, and risks. It will advise the project on approaches to optimize execution of LBNF within approved budget profiles, plans, and baselines. The committee will also help identify opportunities to reduce risks and pursue innovative strategies, and advise on the formulation, development and sustainment of partnerships with international institutions, agencies, and countries.

Jim Yeck. Photo credit: ESS
Nigel Lockyer. Photo Credit: Fermilab

The Director of Fermilab, the host lab for LBNF, appoints the Chair and members of the SPAC for three-year terms. Nigel Lockyer, the current Fermilab Director, has appointed Jim Yeck, the former European Spallation Source Director General as the committee chair. The highly experienced SPAC members include Sergio Bertolucci, former Director for Research and Computing at CERN; Thomas Glassmacher, Laboratory Director and Project Director of the Facility for Rare Isotopes Beams at MSU; Bob Wunderlich, Consultant and former DOE Site Manager at Argonne National Laboratory; Casey Peterson, Chair of the South Dakota Science and Technology Authority; and Diane Hatton, Director of Planning, Performance and Quality Management at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

The SPAC met with members of the LBNF project team and the Fermilab Directorate for the first time on February 12 and 13, near Fermilab.

Chris Mossey. Photo Credit: Fermilab

“We discussed a wide range of strategic issues this week, including managing the large number of multi-million dollar procurements underway, the implications of hosting a large and dynamic international collaboration at Fermilab, and how to continue to effectively engage the diverse array of stakeholders supporting the project, from the U.S. Congress to institutions around the world,” said LBNF Project Director Chris Mossey. “These discussions were quite beneficial, and I’m sure that once the committee produces their report – which is for the benefit of the host laboratory director – we will have a number of tangible actions to build in to our execution plans.