ZOOMing away from ReadyTalk

Functions available in Zoom, clockwise from upper left: Start a meeting with video, Start without video, Schedule a meeting, Share a screen, and Join a meeting.

For the past several years Fermilab has supported ReadyTalk as the web/audio communication service for remote attendance at meetings.  The lab is now transitioning to Zoom, a cost-effective replacement. We believe that Zoom’s range of features and functionality will meet the needs of all Fermilab customers, including DUNE and LBNF.  This transition will complete by March 15th.  That’s right: ReadyTalk will be unavailable once we reach the Ides of March.

No need to beware — Zoom offers many of the same features as Readytalk, for example,

  • meeting attendance without need for an account
  • phone and/or computer audio (with improved support for computer audio),
  • screen sharing,
  • recording of meetings, and
  • attendee management.
Eileen Berman, DUNE/LBNF Computing Coordinator

In addition, Zoom lets you

  • display video of attendees (using their computers’ camera),
  • live-annotate shared screens,
  • have a colleague start your meeting (i.e., Zoom allows proxy hosts), and
  • share your iPhone/iPad screen using your computer.

The move to Zoom has already started for LBNF/DUNE and I am helping coordinate the transition.  During the transition, you will get a Zoom account if you were registered as a Readytalk moderator. In general, you will need an account to schedule and host meetings, although Zoom has an ad-hoc meeting feature that doesn’t require accounts.

I have compiled some “how to” information about Zoom, linked from the “How To…” menus on DUNE at Work and LBNF at Work. I am available to help you with downloading the Zoom client to your desktop/laptop (Windows, Mac, Linux, also Android and iOS), learning how to join or start a meeting, and communicating the new information to your meeting attendees.

Feel free to contact me (berman@fnal.gov) for help as we transition the DUNE and LBNF meetings to Zoom.