Share and find DUNE plots and graphics

Approved plots and other images are now easy to share with your DUNE collaborators and easy to find on DUNE’s new Approved Plots site. Intended as an internal tool for organizing and retrieving these plots, this site requires authentication.

The Approved Plots site categorizes the plots by topic. Clicking on a category from the site’s home page goes to a page that contains all the plots in that category and displays a small image of each plot with its full caption, and a link to a larger image. A toggle button lets you hide/unhide the captions for easy browsing.

The images actually reside in the DUNE DocDB. Within each physics category, plots are ordered by DocDB number, and provide links to their DocDB entries.

Ryan Patterson, DUNE physics coordinator

“DUNE collaborators are writing more and more talks now, and we need a good way to make materials available to each other. NOvA already has an application for this purpose, and adopting it gives us a solution without too much effort,” said Ryan Patterson, DUNE physics coordinator. “This is what we have done. I worked with (NOvA’s) Chris Backhouse to get the porting underway, then Eileen Berman did the rest.”

Several collaborators have been populating the new site by following the instructions at Learn About the DUNE Approved Plots, available from the Collaborative Tools menu on DUNE at Work.

At this time, the code places new material in a category called New / uncategorized, leaving the category assignment to an approved manager, who also verifies that the material is in fact approved. Anything that is not appropriate to distribute as approved is filtered at this stage.

Eileen Berman, DUNE/LBNF project computing coordinator

The list of categories is dynamic and will evolve as new material is included.

“I expect this tool will serve us for many years. At some point, if needed, we will replace it with something more scalable and feature-rich,” said Patterson. “In the meantime, we encourage all collaborators to contribute to this repository. This will let our growing community find information easily for building DUNE talks and posters to present at conferences and other forums.”