Welcome to Ed Blucher as co-spokesperson

Ed Blucher, new DUNE co-spokesperson

I would like to congratulate Ed Blucher of the University of Chicago on his new position as Co-Spokesperson of DUNE. Ed was elected from a strong list of candidates, with the election results announced on the 3rd of March. He takes on this role at an incredibly important time for DUNE, with the construction and operation of the ProtoDUNE detectors on the near horizon, and preparations for the reviews for the detector construction moving ahead in parallel.

Ed’s research has focused on neutrinos for the last 15 years, serving as co-spokesperson of the Braidwood collaboration, then joining Double Chooz. Currently he is a member of both SNO+ and DUNE. Over the last couple of years, Ed has chaired DUNE’s Photon Detection System working group and has worked on the Cosmic-Ray Muon Tagger for ProtoDUNE, based on scintillator panels from Double Chooz.

I have known Ed for a number of years and greatly look forward to working closely with him.

I am sure the collaboration will wish to join me in welcoming Ed as the new co-spokesperson of DUNE.

-Mark Thomson