Spring cleaning for DUNE at Work

Art by zcool.com.cn


Art by zcool.com.cn

Eileen Berman recently took some time to reorganize much of the information and the links in DUNE at Work. Given how dynamic DUNE is, she thought it was time for some spring cleaning. She has removed old information, made things easier to find, and streamlined the structure so that it can easily accommodate new information.

First, check out the reorganized Collaborative Tools and Resources menu. It contains an overview of the tools that DUNE uses for meetings, communication, documents, etc., as well as individual links to these tools. For information on how to use the tools — and do other things — go to the How To… menu instead.

The Organization & Management menu also got a dust-off; it now has a cleaner separation between the collaboration and the project.

Following the reorganization of software and computing efforts in DUNE, a new menu is dedicated to Computing. It points to the updated roster of working groups (with placeholder pages until the new responsibilities are assigned) and computing-specific How-to pages, and anticipates a FAQ. You can also access the computing working groups’ pages from the Working Groups menu. Note that FD Simulation & Reconstruction is now a physics working group.

Updated menu structure. Click on image for larger version.

Berman consulted with Andrew Norman and Tom Junk, the Computing Coordinators, in this effort.

“Tom had been pointing people to how-to information on grid jobs, Fermilab interactive computing, analysis, production, Monte Carlo, and so on for a long time, and he knew where everything lived,” said Berman. “Now it’s pulled together and accessible from one location for DUNE.”