Google map of DUNE institutions

“I had a few idle moments the past couple of weekends (amazing how that happens when I don’t travel!),” said Institutional Board chair Bob Wilson back in April, “so I added the DUNE institutions to an active Google map.”

Click on image to go to page in DUNE at Work site. Image: Google Maps

“What do you think about adding this to the DUNE web site?”

(Time passes. Everybody agrees.)

“Done!” said Eileen Berman.

Warning: it is not complete.

Please look it over and check whether your institution is there.

If Institutional Board representatives would like to add or edit their entry, they need to (1) have a google account and (2) send it in an email to to request authorization to edit.  Alternatively, the representative can simply provide the institution name and location in the email and request that it be added or changed.