Request computing services – faster!


What is the DUNE service portal?

The new DUNE service portal provides a streamlined way to make requests for DUNE computing services. Your request goes straight to the DUNE collaborators who can take care of it — the middleman is out!

Services are available for data management, software releases, MC and data processing, and for updating the DUNE hardware database to accommodate new needs. The miscellaneous category exists for those inevitable I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-this cases.

This tool is expected to get a more functional interface this coming fall. Stay tuned…

The DUNE service portal

How to reach the portal

On the DUNE at Work page under Collaborative Tools and Resources select DUNE Service Portal – make a request.

Log in with your Fermilab services account, and you will see a simple list where you can select the item that best meets your needs. Click it, fill in your request, and submit it.  DUNE computing experts will receive your request and work on it.

Keeping track

The request will be tracked in the Fermilab Service Desk tool (ServiceNow) so you can stay informed on its status. A record of your request will be kept; you can always view both current and past requests.