New MediaWiki site for DUNE

A new MediaWiki site for DUNE,, is ready for you to use. (Login is required; see Access, below). It is intended as a platform for collaborative work. Here you can keep notes about your work in a flexibly structured and easy-to-access place,  share information with your colleagues, and gather and develop content for official documentation.  We all know that the technical proposal and the TDR are coming up soon!

Click to see larger image.

The image gives an overview of the structure that has been set up in the wiki. Most — but not all — of these links are so far just placeholders.


This site is read and write protected in order to be accessible to DUNE collaborators only.  To get R/W access, first get a Fermilab Services account, then send email to to request access to the wiki.

Read-only access is available using a username-password combination: the same as the DocDB “dune” access. (If you don’t know what that is, ask a colleague or send email to

Other DUNE wikis

Information exists in several other sites, e.g., a CERN TWiki, a Redmine wiki, and so on. Some of this content will remain where it is, some of it will be migrated to, and some of these sites may be retired for general DUNE use. Eileen Berman is coordinating the migration effort.

Guidelines for editing the wiki

(The links in this paragraph require login.) An About DUNE wiki page offers editing guidelines. In particular, it points you to information on shortcuts for entering links and categories — what is already defined and how to define new ones — and tells you how to create pages and how to add a standard blue and orange table to your page if you like.  Note that Semantic MW Extensions are available, providing advanced features.

Please cross-link profusely, duplicate rarely if ever, and keep your information reasonably up-to-date.

Go forth and edit!

Click to see a recipe for making a new macro (MW Template for a link)
Click to see the template to use for the blue/orange table.