Young DUNE gaining strength

Karl Warburton, left, is the incoming liaison to the spokespersons for Young DUNE, replacing David Martinez, right, whose term is ending. Martinez took over from Dan Cherdack in January 2016, and served first with Denver Whittington (liaison to the Institutional Board), then with Jason Stock, who continues as IB liaison.

Young DUNE is no Irma, but it continues to become a more powerful — constructive! — force within DUNE.

As the Young DUNE spokesperson liaison, David Martinez has helped spearhead this group’s growth over the past year and a half. Karl Warburton will now replace Martinez in this leadership role.

Over the course of Martinez’ tenure, Young DUNE has gone from 60 members to over 135 and the diversity of the group has increased, with much of the growth coming from international collaborators. Achieving diversity has been one of his important goals.

“The international participation is strong,” said Martinez, “and we have a stronger voice in the collaboration.” In fact, the co-spokespersons and the Institutional Board chair now attend the Young DUNE collaboration meeting luncheons. The Neutrino Socials (see article from April 2017) have also brought together young people and more senior collaborators, fostering friendships, which according to Martinez, benefit the collaboration both at work and beyond.

Of special interest to Young DUNE members, the software tutorials program is growing, reaching more and more collaborators, both young and less young. Veteran computing experts Tom Junk and Erica Snider typically lead the tutorials, but Young DUNE members who had themselves benefited from the kick-starts have run one, and may step up to run more of them in the future.

“The ramp up of the tutorials has been amazing,” said Warburton, who is bringing enthusiasm and some new ideas to the Young DUNE leadership. He sees how quickly his colleagues are becoming productive using LArSoft, DUNETPC and related packages, and wants to close remaining gaps in communication.

“When people get stuck, they want a quick answer. Fifteen or twenty years ago, email was the informal way to communicate,” he said. “For young people now, email feels formal. Using Slack feels more like texting — it feels less invasive. It also has good code formatting and good search options. My goal is to get Slack more integrated. To focus the work, we need a continuum of channels and someone to oversee them. We have a plan.”

Warburton is also a member of the new web committee announced at the August collaboration meeting. This committee will be responsible for the DUNE at Work site, and Warburton plans to focus on integrating this site with Slack and other DUNE sites to upgrade the DUNE online experience — for young and less young.

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