Activity on both sides of the Atlantic

Vlastimil Zamazal, Neutrino Platform technician, shown performing a high-sensitivity leak test of NP-04. This test has been an intensive community effort by both CERN technical resources and DUNE collaborators. Image: Stephen Pordes

“Activity on both sides of the Atlantic is very intense,” said Gina Rameika at the collaboration phone call on 6 October. “Delivery of components is on-going and we are pushing very hard to keep to a schedule which will result in a fully instrumented ProtoDUNE-SP with six APAs on the same time scale as the cryogenics system is completed.”

The first anode plane assembly (APA), equipped with ten photon detector modules, is now in the Cold Box in EHN1. The second is on the winding machine at PSL in Wisconsin, and the first UK APA is on its winding machine at the University of Manchester.

Resistor Divider Boards from LSU. Image: CERN

The first pair of cathode plane assembly (CPA) panels shipped to CERN the week of 2 October. The team at CERN is assembling the top and bottom field cages (FC) and once they are done, more team members arrive, and the right equipment and access are in place, they can start to assemble the CPA/FC units.

Sébastien Vilalte and Nicolas Geffroy conduct a test of the wire tensioning system for the CRP extraction grid.

The ProtoDUNE-DP cryostat membrane was completed 21 September, and the internal piping and temporary floor are now going in. The first prototype anode was received and tested, and 25 LEMs (of 32 received) are certified. A team at Saclay is cleaning and performing quality control on the remainder. The team at CERN is aiming to install a third of the drift cage before the end of the year, assuming parts arrive in time to start by 20 November.

Interior of ProtoDUNE-DP; membrane installation complete as of 21 September. Image: CERN

See more photos of the inside of the cryostat – it looks like it’s made of gold!