Technical Proposal and TDR: Get on your marks…


Plans are coming together for the DUNE Technical Proposal and the Technical Design Report (TDR).

After reviewing the corresponding documents written for CMS and ATLAS and much discussion, the co-spokespersons Mark Thomson and Ed Blucher, technical coordinator Eric James, international project coordinator Steve Kettell and technical editor Anne Heavey drafted a first proposal for the structure of the Technical Proposal and the TDR volumes and developed a plan for drafting, reviewing and finalizing them in the appropriate time periods. The details can be found in DUNE doc 6062.

The LBNC and a new Neutrino Cost Group (NCG) will be providing written guidance to the collaboration next month regarding the requirements for submission and review of the TP and TDRs.

In the proposed structure, the TDR consists of multiple volumes: an executive summary volume; a physics volume; an overview volume for each of the single-phase and dual-phase far detector designs; and volumes for each of the major detector systems (as defined by the consortia).

Each of the detector system TDR volumes would follow a similar structure to ensure both a uniform presentation and that all the appropriate information is covered, e.g., design, production and assembly, quality control, and so on. The TDR volumes must be completed by April 2019. By the same time, DUNE will produce conceptual design reports for the Near Detector and for Computing.

The Technical Proposal, expected to consist of four volumes, will come first, with a due date approximately six months from now. The co-spokespersons recognize the tight timeframe and feel strongly that the Technical Proposal must be on the path to the TDR, and not a detour. For this reason, it would follow broadly the proposed structure of the TDR, with almost identical headings, but the information would be in a compressed form; each Proposal section corresponding to an entire TDR chapter in most cases, and approximately five times shorter than its TDR counterpart. The Technical Proposal will then evolve into the full TDR.

Information about structure, contents, timelines, editors and contributors will be maintained in the DUNE wiki, on pages dedicated to the Technical Proposal and the TDR.

The collaboration leadership has briefed the Far Detector Consortium Leaders on the proposed plan, and has requested that they appoint editors for the detector system volumes of the TDR. These editors will begin with the Technical Proposal and continue on in their roles for the TDR development. Tim Bolton of Kansas State University has generously agreed to act as (one of two) overall editors for the Technical Proposal and TDR, and he will have the challenging role of organizing the effort in a coordinated manner.

Get on your marks… get set…