Deconstruction: Cosmic gall

A caricature of John Updike from The New York Review of Books by David Levine, who drew Updike several times.

Reprinted from Sanford Lab’s Deep Thoughts, 6 February 2018.

In December 1960, The New Yorker published John Updike’s poem about the neutrino, a ghost-like particle discovered a few years before. Titled Cosmic Gall, Updike’s poem examines the neutrino’s bizarre properties.

Little did he know how weird things would get: Scientists not only found two more types of neutrinos, but also discovered that the three types transform into each other.

Read the poem and its “deconstruction.”

(This “deconstruction” was written by Kurt Riesselmann in 2011; he is currently deputy communications director at Fermilab.)