Far Detector consortia are marching forward

Credit: pngtree.com

Now past their formative stage, the nine DUNE Far Detector consortia are marching forward with activities focused on production of the Technical Proposal, their first major deliverable. Some of these activities are technical in nature, while others are focused on the production of project management deliverables.  To help balance the workload, the consortia are targeting certain sets deliverables for the (now past) collaboration meeting in January, the LBNC review in late February, and the next RRB meeting in mid-April.

At the January collaboration meeting, each consortium presented a strategy document that outlines the activities to be completed and the technical decisions to be made over the next year in advance of the Technical Design Report.

For the upcoming LBNC review, the consortia are focusing on several project-related deliverables.  At this review, the consortia will need to demonstrate a preliminary understanding of the risks, requirements, and interfaces associated with their detector subsystems as well as a solid understanding of consortia scope, as documented in the global Work Breakdown Structure.

Conveners and technical leads for the Far Detector consortia as of February 2018.

On the technical side, drafting of the Technical Proposal is underway.  It is therefore necessary for the consortia to clarify which component designs will change for the DUNE Far Detectors (FD) relative to those implemented in the ProtoDUNEs, and what those changes will be.  For example, the configuration of the APAs in the single-phase FD includes a second layer hanging directly below those on the top layer.  The cables for the bottom-layer APAs will require a different routing scheme, potentially with a modified APA frame design.

All the activities at this stage lead towards ensuring that the entire scope for constructing, installing, and commissioning the Far Detector is covered – we need to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Next on the consortia playlist will be initial estimates for the cost of detector subsystems and preliminary construction schedules.  The consortia will also need to iterate on the institutional responsibilities for their deliverables so that the institutions will be ready to seek support from their funding agencies before the Technical Design Report is released in 2019.  These deliverables are targeted to be in place by the time of the upcoming Resources Review Board (RRB) meeting in April.