Upcoming DUNE workshops

A workshop. Credit: pngtree.com

Long-Baseline Physics

The long-baseline physics working group will hold its next hack days March 20-22 at University College London. Hack days are hands-on workshops where analyzers get together to make a push on specific analysis goals and to launch new analysis efforts. The upcoming LBL hack days is expected to focus on immediate analysis needs in preparation for TDR physics studies; these include CafAna fitter usage, implementation of flux and interaction systematics studies, and detector systematics and imperfection studies. New effort is very welcome; new analyzers are encouraged to contact the long-baseline physics working group conveners in advance of the workshop.

Elizabeth Worcester

Calibration Task Force

The Calibration Task Force is working toward a comprehensive calibration program for the DUNE Far Detector. (See related article.) The group will host a workshop at Fermilab March 14-16th to discuss key questions raised about the calibration systems under consideration and the calibration physics program which will be used to inform DUNE’s calibration strategy.  Groups interested in calibration are welcome and are encouraged to contact the task force conveners.

Kendall Mahn, Sowjanya Gollapinni

Near Detector

The fourth DUNE Near Detector workshop will take place March 22-24 at Fermilab.  This workshop promises to be exciting as it represents the culmination of the Near Detector Concept Study.  Teams of hard-working collaborators will show and discuss the results of many ongoing studies.  Among the things that are being explored are the relative pros and cons of different tracker technologies and magnet designs, as well as the potential physics gain of having a component of the detector that can take data in positions offset somewhat from the neutrino beam axis.

The goal of the workshop is to achieve a consensus on the high-level conceptual design of the DUNE Near Detector.  The concept(s) chosen by the study group will be proposed to the collaboration.  The plan is for the collaboration to discuss the relevant issues and move forward with the adoption of a Near Detector concept on a time frame around the May collaboration meeting.  Come to the workshop and join in on the fun!

Steve Manly