Karl Warburton: neutrino physicist

Karl Warburton, DUNE collaborator and current Young DUNE liaison to the spokespersons, participated in a panel of four Fermilab scientists in conjunction with a special showing at Fermilab of the film Hidden Figures for more than 300 middle school students from 13 schools. This video was played as part of the panel introductions.

Warburton, a postdoc at Iowa State University, also took part in the Fermilab Users Executive Committee‘s (UEC) annual trip to Washington, DC, where he had the opportunity to meet with the representatives from South Dakota and explain the work that he does on DUNE.

“All of the representatives expressed their excitement about such a large project coming to their home state,” he said.

L-to-R: SD Senator Mike Rounds, Stanford student/LZ collaborator Kelly Stifter, Senator John Thune, Karl Warburton, Representative Kristi Noem.