Technical Proposal on track

Sam Zeller, Fermilab. Credit: Fermilab

Flurries and more flurries. Snow flurries at Fermilab in mid-April — who ordered that? A flurry of activity at CERN as the clock ticks toward close-up time for ProtoDUNE. And flurries of activity around the globe as the final drafts of the Technical Proposal chapters float in, one after another.

The DUNE Technical Proposal is intended to provide a clear statement of the physics goals and methods of the experiment, and to describe the Far Detector, deliberately emphasizing the connections between the physics and the detector technologies. It has evolved into a three-volume document: an executive summary plus a volume each for the single-phase and dual-phase designs.

Tim Bolton, KSU. Credit: KSU

Many collaborators have worked around the clock to get their chapters written and many more have formally reviewed these chapters, providing detailed assessments under the tight deadlines imposed by the Technical Proposal editors, Tim Bolton (KSU) and Sam Zeller (Fermilab). The editors and the collaboration leadership greatly appreciate these enormous efforts.

“We have seen widespread collaboration buy-in and, consequently, major progress on the Technical Proposal,” said Bolton. “We’ve been working toward consistency, filling in the gaps. Now we are switching to stretch run mode, using final drafts that incorporate the reviewer comments.”

With roughly a month to go, it is time for a second set of reviewers — collaborators with some distance from the writing process — to ensure that this document in fact satisfies its purpose and will serve as a solid nucleus for the DUNE Technical Design Report (TDR).

“We are on track for a simultaneous May submission to the LBNC of all three volumes.” said Bolton.