About Nus to SURF

The first issue of Nus to SURF appeared in March of 2016. This publication was started in order to keep everybody in the LBNF and DUNE community informed about each others’ progress and other good news.  It is intended as a monthly newsletter by and for project and collaboration members. It appears around the 15th of each month, both in email and on the nus2surf.dunescience.org website.

Please note that the email and website versions may not contain exactly the same content. We want the website to remain unrestricted for you, which means that anyone can see it.  Therefore, any sensitive information will appear only in the email or possibly at a protected link. Conversely, in order to keep the email to a reasonable size, it may not include the full issue content; consider it a window to the more full-featured web version.

Nus to SURF (nus2surf) is edited by Anne Heavey, technical editor for DUNE/LBNF.

The editorial board is made up of (in alphabetical order):

  • Ed Blucher, DUNE Co-Spokesperson
  • Eric James, DUNE Technical Coordinator
  • Jolie Macier, DUNE-US Project Manager
  • Alison Markovitz, DUNE Resources Review Board Chair
  • Elaine McCluskey, LBNF Project Manager
  • Jost Migenda, Young DUNE representative
  • Chris Mossey, LBNF Project Director
  • Andrew Norman, Computing representative
  • Stefan Söldner-Rembold, DUNE Co-Spokesperson
  • Brett Viren, Scientist
  • Bob Wilson, DUNE Institutional Board Chair
  • Elizabeth Worcester, Physics representative
  • Katie Yurkewicz, Fermilab Communications representative

Your ideas are welcome! Contact us at nus2surf@listserv.fnal.gov.

Or contact Anne at aheavey@fnal.gov or 1-630-840-8039. She is located at Fermilab, WH12E.