One step closer to engaging a construction firm for Far Site

The LBNF project moved one step closer last week to releasing a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) to solicit a Construction Manager and General Contractor for the construction of the Far Site conventional facilities. The RFP received conditional approval from the DOE Independent Review Board and has been forwarded to Office of Science for final review and approval.

The contract is estimated to be between $250 and $350 million dollars in value — one of the largest construction contracts to be executed in the State of South Dakota.

By the numbers: LBNF/DUNE continues to make progress

Note (and Jefferson dollar) from Mike Weis (Fermi site manager for the Office of Science) to Sanford Laboratory Director Walter Weinig and SDSTA Board Chairman Casey Peterson: Walter and Casey, The signed lease represents the continuation of a great partnership and expansion into bigger more ambitious pursuits. The check for $1 was delivered with the lease but I am sending you a Jefferson dollar for you to keep and to remember as Jefferson said "The main objects of all science, the freedom and happiness of man... the sole objects of all legitimate government." Great challenges require commitment and great collaboration. I look forward to the LBNF/DUNE partnership and journey. Mike Weis

During (the last several months), the team has had two main focus areas: gaining the approvals … and prototyping the various systems that will eventually be scaled up and installed in DUNE’s massive underground neutrino detector… Many other important elements of the project are advancing, too… But here’s a quick, somewhat arbitrary by-the-numbers summary to try to give you a sense of some of the events under way…

Of politics and papers

On May 2 the Lead City Commission unanimously approved the SD Science and Technology Authority (SDSTA) easement for the LBNF rock-placement conveyor system from the SURF site to the Open Cut. In other news, members of the team that has been engaged to carry out geotechnical investigations and design work for both the excavation and facility support, presented a paper at The World Tunnel Congress 2016…

Economic benefits to Illinois and South Dakota

A newly released report presents an estimate of the economic impact of the construction and operations of LBNF/DUNE in the Chicago and west South Dakota regions through the year 2026. It predicts $1.1 billion in output and $570 million in earnings for Chicago-area residents, and $860 million in output and $330 million in earnings for western SD residents…

Nus from SURF

Piping in the Ross Shaft. Photo: SURF

The South Dakota Science and Technology Authority, the organization that owns and manages SURF, has agreed to lease the required surface and underground spaces to DOE for a period that extends through the experiment operations. This lease was signed March 19 and will come into effect May 1… In other news, a pre-excavation design is available for collaborators to review and the Ross Shaft rehabilitation has reached the 3500L…

Activities in other areas

C. Mossey, J.Lykken, M.Carena, F.Gianotti, E.Elsen, A.Patwa, N.Lockyer, F.Bordry, T.Meyer, C.Warakaulle

Get updates on a high-level CERN-Fermilab meeting, staffing, procuring ProtoDUNE pumps, and designing optimized beamline components…

Test blast program ends with a bang

Blast pattern used in the March 9 blast (painted on afterwards in preparation for third -- cancelled -- blast). Credit: D. Vardiman

Before excavation at SURF’s 4850L, it is of utmost importance to understand how the energy from blast events propagates through the rock mass and the air. Starting in December 2015, LBNF initiated a test blast program to allow other experiments to assess the impact LBNF/DUNE excavation will have on them, as well as to calibrate… Continue reading Test blast program ends with a bang

Update from the Far Site CF team

Ongoing refurbishment of Ross shaft; new steel installation (Credit: M. Headley)

LBNF is already building on the strong progress made last year on Far Site preparations, poised to complete a number of tasks before major excavation at SURF can begin in 2018. Of particular importance is the procurement of a Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC). Work began almost nine months ago to draft a Request For Proposal… Continue reading Update from the Far Site CF team